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Scope of Work


Electrical System 

Mechanical System

Fire Protection System

Air Condition & Ventilation System

Sanitary & Plumbing System

- Medium & Low Voltage Distribution System
  Emergency Power Generation & Distribution System
  Indoor & Outdoor Lighting System
  Uninterruptable Power Supply System
  Grounding & Lightning system
  Fire Alarm System
  Security System
  Telephone System
  Public Address System
  MATV & CCTV System
  Automation System
  Computer Network System   

- Machine Assembly and Installation System
  Process Piping System 

- Fire Pump & Controller
  Sprinkler System
  FM 200 & CO2 System
  Clean Agent Fire Extinguister System 

- Air Cooled / Water Cooled Chiller System
  Chilled Water System
  Package Air Conditioning System
  Ductwork and Air Distribution System
  Ventilation System

- Domestic Water Distribution System
  Hot Water Generation and Distribution System
  Steam Generation and Distribution System
  Gas System
  Ventilation System
  Drainage System
  Waste Water Treatment System